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  • Longxin building materials Co., Ltd

    Longxin building materials Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in energy-saving new building materials. It has won various awards at the provincial and ministerial levels. It has invested in the construction of earthquake proof demonstration houses in Yushu prefecture in the earthquake stricken area and undertaken the combustion and fire prevention test project of s-board houses of the Ministry of construction and the Ministry of public security.

  • Longkou Xinjia Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

    The new construction is completed by the employees' pragmatic entrepreneurial attitude and tireless labor enthusiasm and dedication. Longkou Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a provincial winning unit with secondary construction qualification. The large and small industrial and civil buildings completed in more than 40 years have made great contributions to the society. The business purpose of the enterprise is "quality first and integrity first", It has also left a good reputation to the society.

  • Longxin Property Management Co., Ltd

    Longxin Property Management Co., Ltd. is a three-level property management qualification. With high-quality functional services, the company has built a comfortable and safe home for community owners. It has also made praising achievements in community environmental beautification management and has been commended by the competent government departments for many times.

  • Shandong Longxin Construction Group

    Shandong Longxin construction group, mainly engaged in real estate development, has secondary real estate development qualification. Over the years, the enterprise has been committed to building modern houses with beautiful environment, energy saving and comfort, excellent service and advanced functions. Now, Longxin Plaza, Longcheng international, weijiao residential area and other communities praised by the owners have been built in Longkou. At the same time, it has also been awarded a number of commendations and honorary titles by governments at all levels.

  • Longkou Art Museum

    Founded on July 6, 2011, Longkou art museum is located in Longxin square, Longkou City. It has an art committee, exhibition department, research room, creation room, office and reception room. It is an art activity center integrating exhibition, collection, creation, research and foreign academic exchange. With a construction area of more than 2000 square meters, it is a modern art museum with sound functions.

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Shandong Longxin Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Longxin Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Longkou, a beautiful coastal city.

The company is an enterprise developing new energy-saving wall materials and equipment of mechanism s series. It has strong technical R & D force and rich production experience. It has mastered a full set of production and application technology of mechanism s series plates, has completely independent intellectual property rights, and is in a leading position in China in terms of technical level, production scale and economic benefits. The company has 40 years of experience in civil construction, 20 years of experience in thermal insulation and energy conservation, and 20 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of technical equipment. It is a comprehensive service provider integrating R & D, production, application and equipment. The "sb insulation board application technology" successfully developed by the enterprise is listed as a key science and technology promotion and application project by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. "Key technology of structural insulation integration" fills some gaps and reaches the international advanced level.

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